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Cities just as with people, each one has his own look, his own story to tell, and one of the amazing pages of this story is the architecture. Old buildings, the first streets, ancient squares, and buildings – were the brainchild of a man, all these especially the architecture, it reminds us a lot and talked a lot.

The history of Rostov dates back to the year 1695. It is home to more than one million inhabitants. The city is situated on the banks of the Don River. I’ve been to Rostov two times and always felt that there is a very strange, inexplicable feeling about that place. It scares me, I lose myself in it, and a million of its inhabitants. The city is located just north of Krasnodar. Life here is much calmer. Maybe because it’s so big, everything is big – wide streets and avenues, tall buildings. Architecture is the biggest asset of Rostov. These buildings are the memory of many generations, which can tell a lot about the war. The city was badly damaged during the war, it was almost completely destroyed but was rebuilt. There’s already a mixed set of architectural styles. It is pleasant to walk the streets and just look around, as buildings cannot remain silent – they will silently tell you stories. These beautiful wooden and stone houses with carved windows and beautiful wrought elements. Many people look tired – they need repairs, but I just see the beauty in these faults.

I especially like Paramonovskie warehouses – a complex of warehouse buildings of the XIX century in Rostov-on-Don. Located on the banks of the Don, it is a monument of federal importance. All cases of the Paramonovskih warehouses are currently just ruins, adorned with lakes and waterfalls of spring water, which continues to bubble up from the coastal slopes of the Don. Thanks to a constant temperature of springs on the ruins of warehouses, Paramonovskih formed its own microclimate: practically the whole year it is growing green grass.

And if you’re tired of walking through the streets – you can visit some sort of bar or cafe. Rostov – is an alcoholic city and here you want to drink. There is a myriad of restaurants, bars, and cafes with some that look similar to those in the Soviet Union, as everything here reminds you of it.

Rostov is also a city filled with dogs, wherever you go, these lovely creatures will walk with you, some even served as our guides, and walked with us the whole day.

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    хорошая статья ) отличные фото (ну как всегда ...впрочем!!!) мой город :D

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