The Shoot From The Hip - JPG Magazine Challange

2008-10-15 13

Enter the latest JPG Magazine x Lomography challenge using a technique that no one knows better than you!

Enter the latest JPG Magazine x Lomography challenge using a technique that no one knows better than you!

All Lomographers know the 10 golden-rules of Lomography like the backs of their hands, so Lomographic Rule #4 should be like second nature to you.
Just skip the viewfinder and snap away – shoot from the hip, over your head, behind your back, or between your legs.

Then send YOUR best shot in to JPG and blow their minds!

Enter here:

If you’re one of the top hip-shot artists we see, you’ll be featured on newsstands around the world in issue #20 of JPG!

Plus, everyone who is published in JPG gets a free one-year subscription to the magazine and $100 in cold-hard cash!


We wanted to sweeten the deal for all you shoot-from-the-hipsters out there. The top 3 winners will each receive a brand new Lomo Lubitel 166+ Twin Lens Reflex camera!

The Lubitel+

is a loving recreation and re-invention of the classic Soviet-era wonder, now with new and improved features, including the ability to shoot both medium format and 35mm film. The top-down method of shooting makes Lubitel+ photography a somehow intimate experience.

However, it is the unique colour brilliance and surprising results this camera yields that really make the Lubitel+ one of a kind. This fully manual, re-animated TLR takes analogue photography back to the fundamentals.

Lubitel+ Highlights

  • Inbuilt 35mm film conversion mechanism – The Lubikin set
  • 4 image formats – including 35mm with Sprocket-hole look
  • Closer & Broader Focusing
  • Improved Milky Viewfinder
  • Standard Hotshoe
  • Stop Focus mechanism
  • Rewind your 120 rolls – for immediate double exposures!
  • Plus Other new features…

All other winners

will each receive a DianaF+ starter kit! The ’60’s cult camera is back and better than ever! We’ve fine-tuned this beauty and added more features, including a detachable lens system that allows you to add one of 4 lenses (sold separately), or leave the lens off and shoot pinholes!

Shoot From the Hip Competition Details

Submit your best hip shot – this means an image made without the help of the viewfinder.

Top 3 winners will get a brand new Lubitel+, PLUS their shot will make it into issue #20 of JPG Mag, a 1 year subscription to JPG Magazine and 100 USD cash!

All other winners will get:

1) Get their shot featured in issue #20 of JPG Mag

2) A one year free JPG subscription

3) 100 USD cash

4) A Diana F+ starter kit!

Deadline: 5th December 2008
Submit: Click here to submit your shot to JPG

JPG Magazine x Lomography

JPG is a community of people connected by a love of photography. Seems like we have a lot in common, huh? Over the years, the wonderful people at JPG have become great friends with Lomography. After past collaborations that have truly rocked (thanks to you!), JPG has invited us to participate in one of their prestigious theme-competitions. So make us proud, show us your hippest hip-shots, and spread some big-hearted lomo-love to the JPG community!.

If you want to have all the latest news about Lomography in your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter!

written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-10-15 #news #competition #jpg #lubitel


  1. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    See you there ;)

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Holy crap! HOW on earth are you supposed to choose 1 if you only ever shoot from the Hip!!!

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Yeah, difficult choice for sure when we all are used to shoot always from the hip!! :)))
    I submitted one, come have a look and vote if you like it:

  4. mizzfonky
    mizzfonky ·
    has been submitted to this thee from the first hour I get noticed by jpgmag themselve.
    I received a lot of nice comments since then on that picture.

  5. iamwen
    iamwen ·

    i've submitted mine too!

  6. wherearemysunglasses
    wherearemysunglasses ·

    My two favorite photo sites! See you guys on jpg!

  7. brendend
    brendend ·

    oh good, the deadline is december 5th :D

  8. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    check me out as well...there's no one better fit for this theme than us lomographers.
    let us vote for each other....hehehehe

  9. drudolph
    drudolph ·

    Oh Man... I really want that Lubitel+!!!

  10. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    oh and check out the story i posted on JPG and tell me what you think:)
    Spread the lomolove.

  11. day3hugger
    day3hugger ·

    how many can we submit ?only one?

  12. warshock
    warshock ·

    is this a strict "analog shot" competition?

  13. mantozauras
    mantozauras ·

    Hehe, vote for my roommate :D

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