Lomocation: Out of This World

2011-02-13 2

There isn’t much analogue photographs about space travel these days but looking at the sky with the naked eye is an activity as old as time. Here are some shots I managed to capture with long exposures and late nights of the galaxies – the most difficult to reach lomocation (for now).

Apollo 13 had about the same computing power as my light meter and they carried NASA issued Nikon’s but these are what I managed to pick up with my Canon A-1 with Fuji 200. Long exposures and a wide angle lens seem to yield the best success. There is a steep learning curve with astronomy photography so many more experiments and constellations to come.


In the first one you can see a satellite, its the white line that runs perpendicular to the stars near the center/right of the sky.

Milky Way Galaxy
Lunar Eclipse (long exposure + rotating earth = blur)

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  1. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    Nice, I like the combination of the stars and the trees.

  2. phantomphoenixphotos
    phantomphoenixphotos ·

    This is too beautiful. :'(

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