The Super Yashica T4 Super Weatherproof


The T4 “Super” really is a super camera. The legendary Yashica T4 Super, also known as the T5 in some parts of the world, was Yashica’s answer to the legendary Olympus Stylus Epic. They are very similar in style and capabilities and came out at nearly the same time.

The T4 Super has a slightly “darker” lens than the Stylus Epic – f/3.5 compared to f/2.8 – but it is generally considered a slightly better lens. In fact, the Carl Zeiss Tessar T* lens is generally considered one of the best lenses ever made for this class of camera. All other important specs are nearly identical.

Two things make the T4 Super really stand out from all other super-compact auto-everything point and shoot cameras: the Carl Zeiss lens and the Super scope waist-level viewfinder which allows you to compose your shots as if you were using a twin lens reflex camera.

The Super is super easy to use. Just put the film in, it automatically recognizes film speeds from 50 to 3200 (!) ASA, and you’re ready to shoot. The super-excellent Tessar lens will do the rest for you.

Make sure you take advantage of the Super scope waist-level viewfinder whenever possible to get a unique perspective in your pictures.

Here’s a picture of the business end of the camera proudly displaying the Carl Zeiss lens:

Here’s a picture of the top of the camera. The Super scope waist-level viewfinder is to the right of the digital display:

Here are some sample shots under various lighting conditions. The last few were shot using Lomography Redscale XR film. Its DX encoded at 400 ASA. The whole roll was slightly under-exposed.

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  1. droogieboy
    droogieboy ·

    Nice review and great pics. I'd never even heard of this camera before. That super-scope viewfinder looks so cool!

  2. phantomphoenixphotos
    phantomphoenixphotos ·

    I have a Yashica T4D with the T* lens. I love it!

  3. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Yes. Great camera. Mine is starting to inexplicably miss (unexposed frame) some pictures. :-(

  4. shazoo666
    shazoo666 ·

    hi gimel. i recently purchased a t5 from a friendly guy from greece and i must say that i'm superbly impressed by this camera. such a beast! a few days ago i saw someone wanting to let go of his mju II and i was instantly hooked! it costs about $52. should i go for it or should i just save my money for other cameras?

  5. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    The Mju II (a.k.a Stylus Epic) is the camera most often compared with the T4 Super (a.k.a. T5). That's why I mention it in the article. The specifications are very close. The Mju II has a wider exposure range which is a very nice feature. I usually prefer cameras that can handle low-light better, but the T4 Super is still on the "fast" side. I saw a test comparing the lens on the T4 Super with the lens on the Mju II, and the T4 lens performed better. That might be because it's not quite as fast. It's more difficult to design a sharp AND fast lens. I think if you have a T4 Super, you probably don't need a Mju II. They are very similar, and I think you'll probably end up using the T4 Super more because of the excellent lens and, I think, better ergonomics. Save your money for something that will fill a different niche rather than compete with one you already have.

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