Canobie Lake Park

Canobie Lake Park is a fun place full of lomographic potential. With a wonderful mix of old-time and classic attractions next to more modern rides suited to satisfy thrill-seekers, you will have to remind yourself to stop taking pictures so you can enjoy going on a few rides too!

New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park is a great alternative to larger parks like Six Flags. However, do not underestimate Canobie, which has been open every summer since 1902. Canobie has a certain charm to it, with many rides dating back as far as the thirties. There are also many modern rides and even a water park called “Castaway Island.”

There are a few rides I would highly recommend riding and photographing. First, you absolutely have to go on the antique carousel, which has been there since the park opened in 1902. The Yankee Cannonball, a wooden rollercoaster from 1933, is number two on the list. It’s old and rickety, which probably will either excite or scare you, and is the most famous ride there. Next check out Davinci’s Dream; though this is essentially an amusement park staple, it overlooks the lake and makes for some great pictures as the sun begins to set. Rowdy Roosters would also make for some fun photos. The Boston Tea Party is another favorite of mine, but don’t bring your camera to that ride unless you have an underwater case. And, of course, you have to do the bumper cars, which are called Dodgems at Canobie. But these are just a few suggestions! I am sure that no ride will let you down.

Though cheaper than Six Flags, Canobie is still pretty pricey at $32 a person, so I would keep an eye out for coupons and special deals. For example, their tickets are cheaper in late spring and early fall. McDonald’s sometimes has coupons on the counter. And, in the summer, the price decreases after 5PM to $22. I took advantage of their evening prices, but unfortunately that meant I only had a few hours of sunlight for photographing, which was frustrating and the insufficient lighting is apparent in my pictures.

However, I should also mention that one fee gives access to all the rides because Canobie does not work on a ticket system, unlike most parks. Consider the pros: you won’t leave with unused tickets, you won’t have to continually be keeping track of your ticket count, and you won’t have to worry about tickets getting wet on water rides like the Boston Tea Party!

As a final tip, the food at Canobie is kind of expensive, as is to be expected in an amusement park. Perhaps let yourself get a carnivalesque snack like ice cream or fried dough, but I wouldn’t plan to eat a meal there. Your money would be better off being spent eating out in Salem or Windham before or after. Bring a water bottle to save yourself even more money so you don’t need to buy overpriced bottled water. I was worried that they wouldn’t let me enter Canobie with my own water bottle, but they didn’t seem bothered at all.

I hope you enjoy Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire! Be sure to bring lots of film!

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