Toronto, Street Art, Pho and Shopping in Chinatown


What makes Toronto wonderful is its multiculturalism. It is the most multicultural city in the world. This makes for some good food and unique neighborhoods. This trip we parked on Queen Street West and walked over to Chinatown through the backstreets for a bowl of Pho and a look in some of the shops (and maybe some street art along the way).

It does get pretty cold in Canada but like my mom always said, “its not too cold, you just aren’t dressed properly”. So for this walk through Toronto we made sure to bring with us our toques, scarves, and gloves. Which was a good idea since it snowed on an off the entire time we were there.

What I love the most about this part of the west end is the graffiti. When I am walking I try to take a route that brings me through the alleyways and secluded little areas that would make a great place for art. Walking towards Chinatown there’s a whole pile of wonderful pieces that I saw that have gone up in the last year.

Eventually we got to a Pho place that we have always enjoyed. There is nothing like coming in from the cold for a nice hot bowl of soup.

Another wonderful thing about Chinatown in Toronto is the availability of locally grown ginseng. Down near Hamilton a lot of the old tobacco farms have been converted into ginseng farms and it grows quite well in the Canadian climate. There is one shop where I always stock up on ginseng.

There is a lady there who is literally half my size and she always gives me a good deal and lots of jokes. There is nowhere else I have ever visited that has such a selection of quality roots for the price.

Shopping, art, Pho and a little stroll is a pretty nice way to enjoy a winter afternoon in Toronto.

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