A Walk to Work: Inspiration from the Minutia


If you’re seeking inspiration for your latest lomographic adventures, something as simple as your walk to work can often provide plenty of opportunities. Don’t overlook the little things in life that you rush past every day; with a photographic eye, even the most mundane of scenes can become beautiful.

I’m going to take you through my walk to work, which wanders through about 2.5 miles of South West London from Southfields to Roehampton and through about six months as the seasons change from summer to winter. My little walk to work may not be as impressive as a grand building or tourist Mecca, but I hope that you will use this as inspiration to think about your own local Lomo location.

As I start out on my walk I am looking around for things to take snaps of. It may be the trees that line the street, a road sign or the view into town.

Credits: simonh82

As I walk up through the estates at the top of Southfields there is plenty more to capture. There is a gnarled oak tree which looks amazing without leaves. I’ve never managed to capture it quite as I want to, but I know I will one day. I also like one of the tower blocks which stands on its own and looks great in the morning light.

Credits: simonh82

Next comes the huge Tibbett’s Corner roundabout with pedestrian underpasses. I’ve taken a few photos here at night and I really like the angles of the concrete architecture or the chance for some long exposure light trails. I also like the giant streetlights that must be 50m tall. They look like giant metal flowers or seed pods.

Credits: simonh82

For the next part of my walk I almost feel like I’m walking through the countryside. Southwest London is full of green spaces and my walk takes me through Putney Heath which is beautiful at all times of the year, but especially in the summer when the leaves are on the trees and feel like I’m strolling through beautiful green woodland. One note of caution is to watch out for dog poo; if you’re always looking for a nice photo it can be easy to forget to look down too!

Credits: simonh82

Finally I come out at the top of the Roehampton Alton Estate (see my previous location) and it’s a short walk down the road to work.


So next time you are looking for something to shoot, just walk out your door, keep your eyes opened and your camera in hand and take inspiration from the ordinary.

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  1. sklavet
    sklavet ·

    I'm gonna try this...apreciate simple things like kids and have fun. Thanks for the article.

  2. nick_a_tron
    nick_a_tron ·

    Agreed! I always find myself noticing things I've never seen or appreciated before when I'm walking around with my camera, even just a street away from my house!

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