January's Most Popular User Blogs


What’s the community been busy with the whole month of January? Writing User Blogs it seems! Here’s a collection of the top 20 most popular ones for the month!

Photo by: by beni

It seems that a lot of the community has been chronicling their adventures and resolutions while jotting down notes and thoughts for January. A record 319 User Blog entries were published this month and that’s certainly no small feat! We’ve collected the 20 most popular ones here, in no specific order. Read up and enjoy!

Credits: beni

Bitácora Analógica: Escritos Invariables 6 by beni

Credits: reixox

Developing Feelings. by reixox

Lomo Product Wish List by clickiemcpete

Credits: spoeker

2011 - 365 Project by spoeker

1/2: Friends by bluechipscheeseburger

Credits: space_they_cannot_touch

My plastic beauty by space_they_cannot_touch

My Little Love F+ by zoezo

Credits: sonicandknuckles

A photo a day-thanks Jamie by sonicandknuckles

Credits: grnscout5

Still a lot to learn by grnscout5

Credits: western4uk

Back to the Coastal Reserve by western4uk

Credits: bluechipscheeseburger

1/1: First roll ever! by bluechipscheeseburger

Credits: bluechipscheeseburger

Hey Guys :) can you help me? :) (PART 2) by bluechipscheeseburger

Credits: sheenafbi

Being happy. by sheenafbi

Credits: lifeintechnicolor

Kick-off by lifeintechnicolor

Credits: sheenafbi

Lazy Sunday. by sheenafbi

Credits: johnnra

Custom LC-A+ Bag by johnnra

Credits: yarglags

“2/52 Rock “n”== Roll":/homes/yarglags/blog/1655-2-52-rock-n-roll by "yarglags==":/homes/yarglags

Credits: donrico

Perfect Holgarama Quest by donrico

Credits: bluechipscheeseburger

Hey Guys :) can you help me? :) by bluechipscheeseburger

written by cruzron on 2011-02-02 #news #january #best #article #user-blog #2011


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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    It also happens here. I like all of them, but there are blogs with more likes and comments in January

  2. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    yippee! my little love was in there :-)

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