Kota Tua (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Kota Tua is an old town although there’s much more going on here than just history. Although for first-time visitors, it’s still a good place if you want to know more about ancient Jakarta.

Old Town is located in a town from a former era that still exists in Jakarta. I consider this as my first “hunting” place, as I think this city is never deserted, with visitors – both local and foreign who often come here. At the Old Town, you can enjoy local pleasures such as the Kerak Telor (spicy omelet), which is a typical Betawi dish and you also can rent an Ontel bicycle here. Other attractions include the Jakarta History Museum, Museum Bank Indonesia, Jakarta Cathedral Church, Mosque Angke, Mosque Luar Batang, the Church of Zion, and the Red Store.

History of the old town
“Old Town” has been a witness to the city’s rich history; the amazing architecture of the building behind the store “Mystery” has a lot of history and gives a glimpse of how Jakarta used to be.

Wayang Museum was originally named the Old Dutch Church (De Oude Hollandsche Kerk) and was built in 1640 AD. In 1732 AD, the building was repaired and renamed the Church of the New Netherlands (De Nieuwe Hollandsche Kerk). However, an earthquake in 1808 AD, caused many buildings to be destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1912, and sold by the Dutch government to a company called Geo Wehry & Co. which used it as offices until 1934. In 1936, the ownership of the building was again moved after it was purchased by the Batavia Society of Arts and Sciences. In 1957, the building was officially handed over to the Indonesian Cultural Institute and Museum.

Kalibesar is the name of the street in the area of North Jakarta. Located not far from the Jakarta History Museum. By foot from the Jakarta History Museum, it’ll only take five minutes just to reach Kalibesar Road. Back in the 17th century, Kalibesar Street was famous as the central business district. The road is usually called Grootegracht Kalibesar that means big time because the road is flanked with buildings. In addition to being a trading business center, there are also many Chinese people’s houses here. In 1740, there were riots in Kalibesar Street and many houses were burned.

In 1870, Road Kalibesar was rebuilt. On Road Kalibesar there’s a red colored two-storey building, which is called the Red Store. The building is very famous in ancient times because it was once occupied by the Governor General of the VOC. Currently, the Red Store building still stands but is mainly used for offices.


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