London for the first time

It’s hard to talk about a city like London. Hasn’t everything been said already? Let’s try to add a Lomographic perspective then, with some shots from my first time in London with my Smena.

Our hostel was near Piccadilly Circus (it surprised me how small it actually is) and I couldn’t resist to take some lomo pics of the metro sign (The Tube, as the Londoners call it). My second try was a double exposure in the Tower metro stop (the city landscape is on the background).

Other walking tours took us to Chinatown (impressive sight of the chickens at the shopping windows), Covent Garden and the street performers, and Portobello Market with the famous coloured houses (and lots of tourists).

Although my favourite sight was the strange combination at Camden (at least this first time), with all the curious people and labyrinth shops and spaces.

And my favourite lomo pic is Blue Westminster (the traditional sight is too boring ;) )

Of course there are more things to do and see in London, but as I was looking through the window in the train to Stansted I thought: not bad for a first time.

written by gasord on 2011-02-10 #places #smena #england #location #london #uk #cross-processed #kodak-elitechrome #westminster #camden #londres #travel-destination

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