Better than the Mountains, May be Just the Mountains on which You Have Not Been to Yet


Krasnodar Biosphere Reserve – a cosmic place with unique nature, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, rare birds, and animals. Have you already chosen your route?

Caucasian Reserve – the richest treasury of biodiversity, which has no analogues in Russia. It has an international reference value, as part of untouched nature; it has pristine landscapes with unique flora and fauna. Thousands of tourists annually hold here dozens of routes with varying difficulty. On the reserve over the past decade, have seen the development of traditional areas into tourist routes. Particularly important sights at the reserve is a unique grove of boxwood. Here, visitors fall into the power of this wild and ancient forest, filled with relics and endemics of the Caucasus. There are more than 400 species of plants, tropical fungi, flowers, colorful orchids, and 70 species of trees and shrubs.

This grove is saving the island for the ancient yew trees and boxwood, which is from 700 to 1,500 years old. In the forest, there’s a lot of unique flora of the Western Caucasus, which can only be found in this place. Here you will find the Caucasian red deer, roe deer, a rare ancient animal bison, wolf, fox, jackal, raccoon dog, wild boar, and rare species of birds. But because they are nocturnal animals, getting the chance to see them is almost impossible. But in a campaign, you can enjoy the freshness of a cool and clean air, which are especially useful for such a walk for children.

I went camping with my father, who is an experienced traveler and has walked along mountain trails for 30 years. He knows many routes and mountains and knows a lot about how to survive in extreme conditions. It was nice to be in such company.

We chose the easy route which is designed for five days and four nights in the woods and in the end to leave through the mountains to the sea. Time passed unnoticed and the mountain scenery changed, but the picture has always been excellent. The second day of the hike we went to the mountain, its height is 2700 meters above sea level with the top providing an incredible panorama of the Caucasus mountains. By tradition, anyone who reaches the top, leaves a message for the next traveler.

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    нереально красивые места

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Beautiful location, amazing shots!

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