Chapel of the Boim Family (Lviv, Ukraine)

An extraordinarily beautiful chapel in the style of the late Renaissance, which has no analogues in Ukraine. This precious monument of the renaissance building in Lviv, is the Boim Chapel (Kaplitsya Boimiv in Ukrainian) which was built in 1609-1615. It was commissioned by the Hungarian-born merchant of Lviv, George Boim.

Some researchers believe that it represents one of the most striking examples of architecture of Mannerism in Europe. They also say that this chapel is similar to Sigismund Chapel near the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow. The name of the architect is not known, but there is speculation that he was a native of Wroclaw architect and sculptor Andrew Bemer. In the years 1609-1611 the bulk of the chapel was constructed. In the years 1611-1615, the west facade and interiors of the chapel were decorated with stone carvings. The authors thread – Ian Pfister, Hanus Scholz, and possibly Andrew Bemer.

In planning the building is a composition of a cube, which was completed on the octagonal Renaissance dome, which converges with Ukrainian monumental architecture. Crowned by a dome chapel with a figure of a seated Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

At one of the facades carved images of the merchant and his wife Jadwiga can be seen. Also among the bas-relief scenes – George, the apostles Peter and Paul, and the Passion of Christ. When creating these tracks, sculptors used ordinary citizens as models, so we have a unique opportunity to see the real faces of the ancient era.

Boim’s Chapel is located not far from Rynok Square and is situated just outside the Latin Cathedral.

In 1998 the historic center of Lviv City added this beautiful chapel to the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

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