Casa Mar – Palacio de Congresos, Vigo (Spain)


We can say that this is a “live” location. In the 50s there were facilities for one of the great fishing companies in the world. Its installations were turned into a big abandoned building 20 years ago. Once thrown below the old building, it has eventually become the “Conference hall” of the city of Vigo.

Old building.
New Building …

At this moment, his construction is running.

All the people in Vigo remembers the company “Casa Mar” (more or less: "Sea House”).
For its refrigerating ships of last generation or, more recently, the production of cords and ropes but its time has come. Fifty years ago it was a big company, it came down to several buildings left in the shore of Ría of Vigo, between the big shipyards and the fishing port.

In the last years, thanks to the effort of many people, a modern project has been developed – construct a series of buildings that will be part of the Auditorium or Conference Hall of Vigo. At the moment of writing to you these lines, they still have not even come up with a name.

I hope that in a few months, they should inaugurate these facilities, and there should be a celebration complete with some spectacles, acts, exhibitions and why not? Perhaps someone organizes a Lomographic event.

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  1. basho
    basho ·

    Nice one!

  2. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I like these old desolate towns, there's something so fascinating about them.

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