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As the owner of The Roxy Theatre on the world-famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, this LomoAmigo proves to be a legitimate analogue photographer. Since his father was the previous owner when The Roxy was first established, Nic basically grew up in the venue! After taking over, he redefined what The Roxy was supposed to be, in light of new technology and competitors. Now, The Roxy has showcased the musical talents of Bob Marley, Tori Amos, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many many more.

NAME: Nic Adler
CITY: West Hollywood, CA

How long have you been a Lomographer… or are you new to this whole thing?
My whole life, I just didn’t know it. A month and a half ago was the first time I put my hands on one and have not put it down since.

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
I would have to say it was my first time as a lomo virgin at The Sunset Strip Scavenger Hunt, soo crazy! It started by grabbing our Diana F with the instant back and stuffing 10 of my Sunset Strip pals, from The Roxy, The Viper Room and The Comedy Store, in the back of my car. We sped our way from the beach to the east side, stopping at the most random spots in-between, all in less than three hours. It has to be my crazy experience yet! My friend Berko even got a tattoo for an extra 100 points! Oh, we won by the way. :D

From your photos, it looks like you managed to squeeze in quite a few activities and in multiple locales! Can you tell us a little about where you were able to travel and what were some of the highlights?
Let’s see, 2 LA Weddings, a trip to Seattle to an old Carnation Dairy Farm, three days of The Sunset Strip Music Festival and then throw in some day to day life, sounds perfect for a lil lomo. The Weddings were my favorite things to shoot so far, I felt like my shots meant more than they usually do. Most of the time I take pictures for my own satisfaction but at the Wedding I was shooting for everyone’s. Also though, I have to say, I have to have a camera with me when I travel. Being in new and unfamiliar places just makes me want to shoot like crazy.

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please).
Wedding: That’s How Strong My Love Is – Otis Redding
Seattle: Hunger Strike – Temple of The Dog
Autumn in LA: Cherry Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins

The absolute best Vegan restaurant in Southern California, and why?
Besides my own kitchen, Native Foods in Westwood. The Chicken Run Ranch Burger w/ Fried Pickles and an order of Fries. Don’t forget the 2 sides of Ranch Dressing. Yum yum yum! Top that off with some Peanut Butter Parfait, good night.

As someone who runs one of the most well known and established music venues in the country, how do you keep things fresh?
Don’t stop to see what’s next, find it! Jack Welch, he was the CEO of GE in the 80’s, once said, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards”. I’ve always lived by that. I have also learned, like Lomo, that you can always find new in old. The Roxy was opened by my Dad in 1973 making it old, but I feel we are as “new” as can be. #1 venue in the world in Social Media with 100k Facebook Fans and 50k Twitter Followers, nothing more new than that.

What’s your most favorite band to have EVER played at the Roxy? Who are you dying to have play there that hasn’t already?
Snot in 1997 played with System of a Down. The Roxy will never be the same to me after that night. 1000 people in a 500 cap room going crazy! Wow (shhh, don’t tell anybody). I still miss my good friend Lynn Strait, but his picture still sits on the wall behind the front bar, where coincidentally, I have shots of Patron from time to time. * Runner ups… Run DMC + MSTRKRFT
The one Artist that has never played here who I wish has, can only be the one and only Rev Al Green. Oh what a show that would be. Never say never.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving. I love family, friends, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mulled spiced wine and a little Pumpkin Pie. When else do we all stop what we’re doing and just sit around the table and laugh, tell stories and just enjoy each other’s company.

Your advice for soon-to-be Lomographers.
Shoot first and then ask questions. Then you have no choice, just sit back and enjoy the anticipation. Working with film teaches you about patience, we don’t have enough of that in our digital and frantic lives. And, as we know, a little Lomography will take care of that.

Take a look at his gallery below:

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