Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim


You won’t believe the results you get with this 100% plastic camera. I bought my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (known as a ‘Viv’ in some circles) from eBay after years of lusting after one. It has everything required for anyone with a good eye to become an amazing photographer: absolutely no control over anything, fixed exposure/aperture/focus, no battery or flash; just put a film in and away you go.

Run some slide films through it to get that excellent xpro goodness. So small it can fit anywhere, making it a great ‘take anywhere’ camera. Completely made of plastic (including the lens), you won’t need to worry about it getting a bit beat or battered as this will probably add to your love of the thing.

Oh, and one last point: the mega wide 22mm lens means you get shots to die for.

written by plasticniki on 2008-10-19 #gear #35mm #review #vivitar


  1. butter
    butter ·

    Mighty short review you have there!
    I have one coming in the mail for me tomorrow. Can't wait to run some slide film through it! Hopefully I'll get a sunny day.

  2. cheeso
    cheeso ·

    Hi, I posted a comment earlier, but it was deleted??? Anyway, the VUWS is a great camera, very pocketable, and absolutely dirt cheap. I want to order more to do the double exposure mod. I have a few albums of VUWS on my beta and lomo homes, please check them out!

  3. tom_ashor_bhaan
    tom_ashor_bhaan ·

    i would like to have very much one!!!!!! can someone help me with that? i want this

  4. plasticniki
    plasticniki ·


    i'm not sure this camera needs a long review! it's so very simple to use and everything looks so great through that fine lens.


    try ebay!

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