Cleveland, Ohio: Rock On!


This past summer, my husband and I spent a few days in Cleveland, OH, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He had never been there before. “What?” I said. “Seriously?” I said. We live only a few hours away and I was sure everyone who was ever born in our area had been there. Apparently not. This is our story.

This is a trip of mystical proportions. With dragons and everything. OK…maybe it’s just about a weekend road trip but it’s still exciting, I promise. One weekend this summer my family planned a big weekend trip to go to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We were all really excited and found some great deals on hotels and tickets and everything. Then, one by one, my family members started creating excuses. Babysitting, dogsitting, whatever. By the time the big day came, it was just me and my husband, in a car together. Well you know what family? Awesome, more fun for me! I know my husband appreciated the break away, he got the short end of the termite infested stick when it came to in-laws. I’m always thankful that he tolerates my family.

So fast forward to 3 hours and some cheeseburgers and rest stops later we made it to Cleveland and to our rocking hotel. You see reader, I spend most of the year in an Eskimo village in the tundra, where the hotel consists of the teachers’ lounge at the school and we use a bucket for a toilet. This hotel was like a 5-star luxury getaway. Either way, it was awesome and also provided a few picture taking opportunities, like this one:

Or this one:

I had a never ending Ferris Wheel’s worth of fun at that hotel. It had running water and everything! YAY!

To get there from our hometown of Buffalo, NY you have to take the I-90. The I-90 is probably the most boring stretch of road in all of New York State, so forgive me, I have no pictures of road shenanigans.

Once we spent a night enjoying modern luxuries and flushing the toilet as many times as we pleased, we headed off on our tour of the city. First thing we did was lose our way. In reality the Rock and Roll Hall of fame was only three blocks away, but that didn’t stop us from getting completely confused. We spent about 2 hours wandering around in this manner where we found this great town square type area.

I still remember that town square fondly. Everyone we passed was smiling and for good reason too. It was a beautiful day and they were in a beautiful area.

So after enjoying our time being lost, we made it to our destination. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Louvre for anyone who likes any music that has been made since the 1950’s!

As you would expect, we spent hours and hours ogling all the different memorabilia, from Johnny Cash’s tour bus down to John Lennon’s homework from when he was in the 3rd grade. (Note: No cameras allowed inside)

We spent so many hours, in fact, that by the time we pulled ourselves away, every place that served food within a 2 mile radius seemed to have closed. This was fine with us though, it meant we could spend more time in that cool hotel, that also happened to have a bar that still was serving food.

The next morning we found ourselves up at an unnaturally early hour. Just our luck it was a Sunday, and we found out the hard way that just about everything in Cleveland is closed on a Sunday morning. Even the coffee shops and bakeries. So what to do? Well, we chose to wander around aimlessly until something let us inside. We ended up stumbling upon a mall that was not remarkable in its store content, but had some really interesting architecture

Afterwards, we found ourselves following our ears. “What is that music and where is it coming from?” My husband and I asked each other. Turns out there was a benefit concert going on and we got a glimpse of this:

After listening and staring for a few moments, it was time to wrap up our trip and head back home. As we were about to head off, I said, “Wait, we should go visit A Christmas Story House!” Right before the trip I had read up on local attractions and found that the movie, “A Christmas Story,” was filmed in a house not too far away from our hotel. This movie has a huge following in our hometown, and I suspect in the U.S in general. After getting my husband to agree, we made one last stop. I mean, who can resist giant lamp legs?

Looks familiar, oh holiday movie fans?
We were lucky too, the person who played Randy, the main character’s brother actually lives there for part of the year. And better yet, you could take pictures, of everything! So who wouldn’t try to reenact the silliest scenes possible? And so reader, I leave you with some great pictures from the greatest kitschy tourist trap I’ve ever been to.

Feel free to check out my home if you want a litany of other silly pictures of this place.

So in conclusion, I highly suggest that you ditch your family, find someone you love, and go flush lots of toilets in strange cities. Don’t forget to do some cool stuff too.

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  1. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    great lomocation, the heart of rock n roll is in cleveland!

  2. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Wonderful article, people don't realize how cool a town Cleveland is.

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