Capilay Spring Park in San Juan, Siquijor

Siquijor province is home to many natural cold springs. One of them is Capilay Spring Park in the town of San Juan nestled on the southwest coast of the island-province.

Situated at the heart of San Juan town, Capilay Spring Park is among the well-known natural spring parks in Siquijor. This natural, open-to-the-public swimming pool is right in the middle of the town plaza where everyone is free to take a plunge into its refreshing spring waters.

This spring park has three main areas, such as the upper pool, the swimming pool, and the laundry pool, all flowing into the nearby ocean. There is also a playground, kiosks, and booths around the park which are perfect for families or friends who want to have a picnic. To get a better view of the entire park, you can even do a little hiking and climb the hill that leads to the town’s church.

Due to its accessibility, Capilay Spring Park has become extremely popular among the locals especially during the summer season. The crystal clear and cool waters of the spring park are just perfect to refresh you from the scorching heat of the sun. It is also an ideal place to relax or unwind. During the afternoons, one would normally see Siquijor residents taking a stroll in the park, families having a picnic, or kids playing in the playground while taking pleasure in the soothing ambiance and the breeze coming from the ocean.

The tranquil atmosphere of Capilay Spring Park makes it a very popular destination both for local residents and tourists. Don’t forget to include this place in your itinerary if you happen to go to Siquijor.

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