Sailing Around Datça Peninsula, Turkey

Don’t believe what people tell you about Turkey. It is not the strict Muslim country that people think it is. The people are friendly and open, the food is good and you can find some pretty untouched or simple places that are worth getting out of the big city for.

Here’s my experience of living on a boat for two weeks and sailing around Turkey, mainly the Datça Peninsula.

We sailed from Greece to Turkey in 2009. The difference between the places, despite being so close is amazing. Greece seems to be barren and grey, whilst Turkey seemed to be green and actually had animals and birds about. We sailed to places that had just a couple of houses and places that seemed to have just goats as their inhabitants. The Datça Peninsula was where we were the whole time and it was one of the best holidays I have ever experienced. We slept on the deck of the boat (if you wake up during the night the stars were amazing due to not very much city lights), ate delicious food and enjoyed ourselves.

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