Colmar, the Petite Venise

Last summer my family and I went on a holiday to Alsace, in north-eastern France. Colmar was my favorite city I saw in the trip. It was founded in the 9th century, because of that you can feel its rich history.

The city is renowned for its well-preserved old town, its numerous architectural landmarks and its museums. But I fell in love with the “Petite Venise”, the area crossed by canals of the River Lauch. I love the colors of the houses and the flowers hanging from the windows. Also the canals give a unique touch to this city. An advise if you visit the city during the summer “don’t forget the sun cream” and most importantly “taste the wines of Alsace, especially whites”.

In general, Alsace is a good place to go on a holiday. In winter they have a colorful Christmas and in summer you can practice many activities like trekking or water sports.

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