Lomography 120 B/W 100 ISO


Commentary on the B / W 120-Lomography. To talk about the film, I first turn to the hypnotic influence, the deep and strange images that we produce the images.

These photographs, this film, these stories that take us to places distant and unreal. Performed by two-color situations interspersed with many shades of gray. Captured in plastic sheeting looks light, sulfides and silver salts.

Referring specifically to the film Lomography B & W 120, 100 ASA, we say that an emulsion is flexible, versatile and good response to light that will allow us to use in many situations, despite its low sensitivity.

-Flexible, as its development process can be altered in time and temperature variables without these differences represent a significant change in the outcome.
-Versatile, because it can be used in any camera that accepts the 120 format, as they can be used in either a Yashica, Rolleiflex, Bronica, Hasselblad, to any of the Holga and Diana family, and Lubitel 166+.

Lomographic recommendation for all, not only in 120, used in bright conditions. It takes a lot more potential for the camera + spool. Not to be confused with overexposing the image. Choose a sunny day, with good natural light.

I chose the day of the rally of labor unions on May 1, 2009. It is an expression that represents the fight for the rights of workers, their international day, and organized, in this case, the UGT and CCOO. It has been carried out continuously for more than twenty years and is a good time to take some pictures and show for your rights against governmental power established that you want / can take advantage of their laws and reforms at the expense of workers.

I encourage anyone who wants to experiment with the 120 B & W Lomography.
More reflections on the B / W on my blog: http://www.lomography.es/homes/beni/blog

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