Sitio Remedios, Currimao, Ilocos Norte


Where I’m from, Christmastime is nearly as hot as summertime – no joke. But because of this, what better way to spend your last week of the year than at a beach?

It took me and my family a whopping fourteen hours to drive all the way to a resort located in Currimao, Ilocos Norte, from the heart of the Philippines, but it was completely worth it. When we got there on the first evening, we were all at awe with the atmosphere of the place! The pathway that actually takes you inside is one thing, but the resort itself is another. There were candles and flowers gracing every dining table (which were outside, under the stars), and the air was nice and cool. The houses looked like they were taken from historical sites – even the inside (I later learned that they got the lumber from century-old houses that were being torn down in the city and reconstructed the houses)!

Food is a good enough reason to visit Sitio Remedios. Bagnet (deep-fried boiled pork) is served every night, and for desert, Leche Flan made with fresh Carabao’s milk. For breakfast, their longganisa (Philippine sausage) with vinegar is a must-try as well as their champorado (chocolate rice pudding). You can stay in the resort for lunch, but most tourists usually travel out into the city, since it’s only a few minutes away.

The ocean is right at the foot of the resort, and the waves are calm enough for one to wade in, but large enough for one to splash around in. My siblings and I had a great deal of fun spending hours in the water!

Keep in mind that there’s plenty of sunlight around here. The only way to actually avoid the sun is by staying inside (which, after seeing everything, you wouldn’t want to do).

I would have to say that you might have to be a bit cautious if you’re planning to go from late May to early December due to the rain, but if you don’t mind, go for it! Mid-December to late January may be pretty chilly at night, and February to April seems perfect for the nice, hot summer sun.

If ever you do visit, I hope you enjoy!

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