White Skies & Grey Seas

It’s a cold and windy Sunday morning-post booze binge, me and my sister have set off for a hangover curing walk around the cliff tops of Viking Bay.

On our way we saw countless older couples getting hot chocolates with their grandchildren having ice creams, dog walkers, family walkers, single walkers, pram walkers, slow walkers, young walkers, loud walkers and fast walkers.

We walked past the mini golf, despite the high winds the windmill is static. At Louisa Bay we snapped photos of the rolling tide, green steps, and concrete cliff supports.

Walking around the corner we reached Viking Bay, a popular sun spot in the summer, but today the sand bank has been built and the wind is lifting sand in our faces. The brightly coloured beach huts stand out against the white sky and grey sea.

Unfortunately for us the lift isn’t in season yet!

So we take the rather rusty steps.

The long cliff top grass is tumbling over the cliff tops and sprouting out sporadically across the cliff face.

We meet a rather confident seagull, no doubt looking for food scraps.

We head down the pier, passing Chiappini’s ice cream parlour and hope for warmer weather. The arcade is open with lights zipping up and down the penny pushers.

The pier is busy with fishermen and women, as well as a mother-less family playing with the waves. The salt water is crashing over the railings 15m high. We can see that they’ve all had their share of a wave this morning.

The cafe at the end of the pier is open but no one is sitting on the white plastic chairs. The dodgy-looking gumball machine stands wonky hopeful.

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