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Decaying mausoleums and ornamental lakes are normally the kind of thing you’d associate with stately homes in the country. But if you’re lucky enough to visit Roehampton University you’ll find the only campus university in London that is full of photographic joys.

It is all too easy to take our surroundings for granted and that is why I love photography. It makes you look at the world you’ve grown accustomed to afresh. When I first picked up my Diana F+ it was only natural that I started shooting things close to hand. Luckily I work in the library at Roehampton University and for me, close to hand included beautiful old buildings, lakes with islands and creepy mausoleums.

Credits: simonh82

The University resides in South West London, but it is far from the densely packed city streets and has a more relaxed air. Made up of four colleges and built on the grounds of several old stately homes as well as a convent for nuns, Roehampton’s grounds offer plenty of scope for lomographic fun.

Credits: simonh82

Now, most lunch breaks you’ll find me wandering round the campus poking my camera into unexplored corners trying to find another photo opportunity. I’m not very good at asking to take pictures of people, so I mainly stick to landscapes, but there is plenty to keep me occupied. I love the lakes with their ducks and giant koi carp swimming around.

Credits: simonh82

Even my library building, which no one would claim as aesthetically or architecturally beautiful has offered up the odd interesting photo.

Credits: simonh82

So come and join me on a lunch time stroll and if you’re really keen on taking your love for lomography to a different level, they even offer a photography degree here.

Roehampton University

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    my friend graduated from there! contemporary dance. I jave been there few times for the preformances, and also did a photo session in one of the dance studios.

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