Cannizaro Park - Pretty in Pink


Royalty and Prime Ministers used to hang out here in days gone by; now Cannazaro Park is open to all and there really are few nicer small parks in all of London.

Cannizaro Park is on the edge of Wimbledon Common in South West London. I’ve been intrigued by it for many years after my girlfriend told me that she used to take acid with her friends there during her misspent youth. I can’t condone behaviour like that, but I can recommend slapping in some serious slide film on a sunny day and getting some very trippy results.

I visited it recently on a beautiful sunny winter day, the sky was blue and the grass was wet with dew. With some Fuji Velvia 100F in my Diana F+, I knew I could expect the unexpected, but when I got my prints back everything had been bathed in a beautiful shade of pink.

The park itself is attached to Cannizaro House Hotel, which used to play host to the highest of high society, but is now just a very nice hotel. The park is owned by the council and is completely open to the public, but you can pop in to the hotel for food, or tea on the terrace if you like.

It is really something of an arboretum, with many amazing trees from around the world. There are also a few bits of sculpture dotted about the place and each year the park plays host to the sculpture exhibition of Wimbledon College of Art. I’m definitely going back when that is on.

So take your own trip (legal of course) to Cannizaro Park.

Credits: simonh82

written by simonh82 on 2011-02-08 #places #park #pink #sculpture #winter #trees #landmark #location #velvia


  1. lolfox
    lolfox ·

    This is a great place... It brings me memories of a mispent youth... and the place has a really gothic creepiness about it... well worth a visit.

  2. t-boy
    t-boy ·

    i love this place!!!

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