A Landmark Rumble from We Are Disposable and Lomography!


We’ve teamed up with photography collective We Are Disposable and want to see all your best shots of famous landmarks!

We Are Disposable are a collective of awesome analogue photographers who joined together in 2009 to share their passion for photography, and to work together to create Disposable Perspectives , a grass roots art project. In 2010 they teamed up with YEAH (an independent art magazine), and thus the book We Are Disposable, Yeah! was born.

They ran a competition attracting interest from all corners of the world: America, Australia, Japan. The overall winner was Jovan Todorović, from Belgrade in Serbia. The four runners-up were Elisa from Belgium (otherwise known as our very own leezle!), Marta from Coventry (UK), James from London (UK), and Stephan from Germany (you might know him as Mephisto19!)

Photo by Mephisto19

These brilliant photographers have compiled their best work into a book, and they are giving you, the wonderful Lomographic community, a chance to win it! Disposable Perspectives want to see your best Lomographs of famous landmarks, be it the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Kunsthalle Wien, we all need a bit of culture!

This rumble is now over, here are the winners

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  1. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    Awesome! got mine in :)

  2. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    mephisto19? never heard of him. congrats steph, I mean whoever you are and also to leezle, oh, and thanks for telling me about the booky contesty thing guys. i'm really kidding and I love the whole wide world I swear. <3

  3. orangeuke
    orangeuke ·

    got 5 rolls of Pics from Egypt! Meta data and submissions here I come! :D

  4. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    Yeah Paris Paris for me

  5. russheath
    russheath ·


  6. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    my landmark is the highest church tower of the netherlands: domtoren in utrecht <3 really like it and the garden next to the dome church

  7. trash-gordon-from-outer-space
    trash-gordon-from-outer-space ·

    For some reason, i can't think of any famous landmark i would have captured. It's a great idea for a competition, though.

  8. mochilis
    mochilis ·

    I don't think my landmarks are famous out of Spain, but I will give it a try :)

  9. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    I want more than 10 submissions!!!!

  10. jonolomo
    jonolomo ·

    me too wanna submit more than 10 haha

  11. maneke
    maneke ·

    [Prado,Madrid,Spain | PostdamerPlatz,Berlin,Germany | Valle de los Caídos,San Lorenzo de El Escorial,Madrid | Sleeping Beauty Castle,DisneyLand,Paris | Plaza Mayor,Madrid,Spain | Sagrada Familia,Barcelona,Spain | Brandenburg gate,Berlin,Germany]

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