Strangeattractor's Captured Photo Series


What happens when you give an artist a Lomo camera and a roll of film, giving them free reign to shoot? That’s what seeks to find out with their Captured Photo Series!

Kim Høltermand has just started an ambitious project with their “Captured” photo series featuring artists from around the world. They pick an artist and send them a camera and a roll of film. This is where things start to get interesting! Together with the trusty Lomo cameras that accompany them on their adventures, the artists are able to unravel facets of the cameras that we haven’t seen before! So far, two photographers have shot and sent in their rolls. Read on for their take on Lomography!

Greg White

written by cruzron on 2011-01-28 #news #diana-f #news #diana-mini #feature #lomgoraphy

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  1. olgats
    olgats ·

    IMHO , Kim Høltermand had fun shooting analog ... Greg White is just being polite :-)

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