LomoAmigo: i_am_four-eyes shoots with the Horizon Kompakt


Meet our latest LomoAmigos from Thailand, she is i_am_four-eyes. Her work is stylish and unique, outstanding among her local lomography community. She has been only on Lomo LC-A. However, when asked to experiment our Horizon Kompakt. She just simply said WOW ! YES ! …. Let’s check out her endless panoramic snapshots stories and get inspired.

Name: Supaluk Sornbunchong ( Be )
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
LomoHome: i_am_four-eyes

  • Tell the community a little bit about yourself?
    - I am self-employed who work in Consumer Product Company but graduated in graphic Design field. However, I found that one of my favourite hobbies ( taking photos ) and my routine job was blending perfectly well.
  • How long have you been a Lomographer?
    - . . . 2010 . . . 2009 . . . 2008 . . . Let’s flash back! I’ve been doing lomography for three years. It started because I love to travel and would like to share my experience with friends. I personally like taking notes as a diary. Unfortunately I’m not a good storyteller when words become unclear I use lomography instead. Photography is the best way for me to express myself. I look upon photography and cameras as communication tools, the same way pencil and letter words do on paper. In my travel journal, there’re nothing but pictures. A picture tells a thousand words.

- I came across Lomo by chance! I went on a trip with friends and one among them was already using an analogue camera- the Lomo LC-A. She let me try and I had a really great time with it. It was almost like I’d discovered a new friendship I’d been waiting for. I couldn’t wait to have one of my own, as soon as we returned from that trip I went straight to get my very first LC-A. Since then I never leave on a trip without my friend- Lomo LC-A.

  • Why do you always shot with film?
    - I like using film because I enjoy getting a little surprise. Film makes me slow down and being more focus especially on the decisions I’m about to make (to shoot) in which there’s no preview, no going back. Do you ever have an anxiety as you pick up your prints because you are just not sure you got the shots right? I like that state of mind- excitement, anxiety, unpredictable : )
  • Which of the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography most applies to your shooting style and why?
    - The 10 Golden Rules of Lomography?? I have not given much attention to those rules. However, the rule number 1 sounds familiar. I usually carry around my camera mostly everywhere I go.
  • This is your first time with this camera right? What do you think?
    - First I’d like to thanks the official sponsor for the opportunity. The experience’s awesome. I’ve managed to bring the Horizon out for a spin on the weekends. Doing a Horizon walk around my hometown I captured everything that came across. I enjoy experimenting different kinds of film and tried on new techniques which I just learned about. It’s short but sweet weekends. : )
  • What was the strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter you have had?
    - It might have been because the unique appearance of the Horizon camera. Walking around with it made me feel a bit like hanging out with a celebrity friend. LOL. People gave me a smile as they glanced over the Horizon camera, some appproached with questions, some were interests on the photo results. Everyone seems want to get into a friendly chat.
    - I never experience anything that strange or too hilarious using the camera except for pulling up the film by mistake or accidentally did some overlap shot. One roll of film which typically shoot up to 22 pictures, but out of my first roll I have got only a few survivor (pictures) ; P.
  • Describe the Horizon Kompakt in five words.
    - Where The Wide Things Are = Inspired
  • If your photo selection had a soundtrack what would it be? (3 songs tittle & artist please)
    - My World : Husky Rescue
    - How To Hang A Warhol ( Vista Filmes ) : Little Joy
    - Thai Funk! : Sounds of Bangkok by Zudrangma
  • What do you think about when you shoot and which style do you like?
    - I try to keep my mind free from everything while taking photos. I believe we tend to hesitate when we think or plan too much. Most of my favorite shots are those oftens captured without much planning. I love to take picture of any small little things surround us or of my ordinary life. They are the record of my own feeling at that moment I love to keep. Some are Good times roll and some are bad times roll.
  • Your pictures look like quite fashion. Where are your inspiration come from?
    - My inspirations come from my backpacking trips abroad, the places I’d seen and most importantly my twin sister who collects all kind of vintage stuff; fashion collection, furniture and design objects. Films and music are also my great sources of inspiration. In collectibles found in a second-hand market, CD cover, vinyl records, postcards or street art as well as a walk with friends , an inspiring conversation with stranger, in the flowers, food or perhaps from my peers at Lomography.
  • Here’s the scene: you’re somewhere in the world with your Horizon Kompakt that only have 2 pictures remain… where are you and what are you doing?
    - The first click would be a distorted mirror shot of me and my lovely twin sister in our cozy house. A “mirror image” of self-portrait may be a little cliche to some– but who doesn’t love it. The second click would be the rest of my love ones; friends and the all the people from every walk of life I’d encounter with. Hopefully they’d all fit in the panoramic shot! ; ) Oh, it had to be taken @ my home too. : )
  • The one person (living or deceased) who you would most like to photograph and why.
    - My beloved mom is the answer, she passed away five years ago.
  • Tell us about some future projects you have coming up.
    - I love to travel and am keen to see the world printed on picture. Just go and give myself a break… where the fun of traveling lies in the method of no plan… no itinerary… I’m sure there are somethings that will make the best stories later on. :) Since the world just doesn’t fit conveniently into the format of a
    3”X 5” square picture…. I think Panorama Camera will be the best new buddy for my panoramic snapshot stories. And believe me no place is boring, if I have a camera and a pocket full of unexposed films. ; )
    - Another thing I’d like to do is to put in a mail a postcard of the photo of the journey to friends in lomo community, we can exchange our own work. It could be nice getting a beautiful photograph in the old school way.

- “No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.” ~Robert Adams, Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques, May 1995
- “The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera.” ~W. Eugene Smith

  • Your advice to future HORIZON KOMPAKT shooters.
    - Hard as you think. As easy as you think. Do it or doubt it. Do not allow doubt to blur your vision and wash away your inspiration. Trust your feeling young Luke ! No rules, No boundaries. Gotta love what you’re doing. Let’s go take a Lomo walk. Enjoy the little things that you may overlook. Walk into new places, different routes, different directions that you’ve never thought of going there. Feeling fatigue just taking a rest. But please do not stop or give up. Think about the fun. Think like a kid without fear of being wrong. It isn’t the result that counted but the great fun it was. Now go get a Horizon camera and shoot, shoot, shooooooooot … : )

Take a look at more of her awesome shots below:

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