A Selfmade Playground is the Perfect Playground for My Plastic Camera


I work as a kind of streetworker in a little town in Switzerland. One of our projects was to build a playground with different youth organisations (such as scouts and so on) in 72 hours. This playground was built to last for two months. See how it looked like.

The Project was called Aktion 72 and meant that we realise a project in those 72 hours. We decided to hold up a cooperation of normally rivaling youth organisations and our team of street workers to all work together and make the best out of all our possibilities and experiences.

The plan was simple: Due to a major appearance in the local news sections, we were aware of the public eye and of course the attention. The goal was to build a playground the kids planned and decided how it will look. We built four naked towers in advance, the rest was built by the kids in those 72 hours. All of these would have not been possible without the help and donations of different construction firms and private gifts (such as slopes or ropes).

All these were accomplished in 3 days of happy togetherness and a big party at the end.

One day in the middle of the two months, we decided that we wanted to make a castle out of the playground and wrapped it with a white cloth to paint it like a brick wall.

Enough of the words, let the pictures speak. Cameras used were a Diana Mini and a Minox 35 GT. Films were different cheap negative films and some slides.

The playground was located on the so-called “Islerareal” in the city of Wohlen, Switzerland.

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  1. zoe191
    zoe191 ·

    Amazing project. Wonderful pictures.

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