This Is My Favorite, What's Yours?

Whenever I visit a Lomo gallery, I always ask the same question. “Which photo is the public’s favorite?” Now, it’s time to answer that question.

Whenever I visit my friend’s gallery, I wonder which, among the 1000 or so photos on display, is my favorite. What difficult choice! Especially when I’m going crazy, giving compliments without knowing which single picture I like most from the collection.

It’s the same thing with the photos I have uploaded. I don’t know what I like best! It changes everyday!

This time, for example, my favorite photo is:

Credits: isabel_mebarak

I have a question, Lomofriends, what is yours?


Credits: azzzy

Why? As this photo was able to truly bring my idea to life. I had an idea one day to dress up my shadow, make my shadow into a person. That idea came to me randomly one day at the bus stop while I was waiting for the bus and just looking at my shadow.


Credits: cuftausosu

My kitchen window. It’s my spot for my “morning philosophy” – to jump or not to jump. But only for now.


Credits: rav_bunneh

This photo happened in a very typical way for me. I had pulled into the Pearl Ridge Mall and was walking from the car to the book store entrance. I had my LOMO LC-A+ camera in my hands and was looking at the cars for anything interesting. Then I noticed that there was this young teenaged girl standing in front of the glass window. She had a huge puffy sleeveless jacket on that was red. Her pants where a weird bright purple and had been tucked into some day-glow neon Nike hightops. She was a fashion disaster and I told my friend with me, “I NEED to take that kid’s photo!”


Credits: robter

It’s one of my favorites because it’s the first thing I did with my Diana Mini. It was like my first time in Sant Jordi in Barcelona where the colors are amazing!


Credits: kikass

I took this picture on a boatride in the canals of Amsterdam. I love all the components of it. I feel like it has a life of its own – and for me this is art. Also, my son in the picture and my wife, the two people I love most, are in it.


Credits: paula412

This one is of Kending, which is the southern tip of Taiwan. I took it a few months ago when I came back to this beautiful island where I lived for 11 years. It was more than a year since I saw the sea. It’s my favorite photo because I love the colors and light, like I’m transmitting peace and clarity.


Credits: yattering

Here is my best photo. I love it because my best friends as well as the lovely sun and clouds are in the same freaky square!


Credits: aboe

I really do not I have a favorite photo, but I think this was the first that came out as I wanted. It was taken inside the castle Pambre. I had a great time that morning because my mother and I were loaded with cameras to record everything.


Credits: beni

This is a picture I took in Madrid, in Gran Vía, with tick-tack technique. I saw this girl from afar and I liked her style, so I prepared for the shot and WHAM!

Thank you all!

There are many more Lomofriends who have answered so there will be a Part 2!

written by isabel_mebarak on 2011-06-27 #lifestyle #favorita-foto-favorite-pic-shot-special-especial-parte-1-prefer
translated by isabel_mebarak

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