Le Dansoir in Paris


A nice ephemeral and atypical venue in Paris: the Dansoir on the National French Library square. The Dansoir is an ephemeral big top in Paris, on the square of the National French Library. It is mounted for 6 months each year, and welcomes many events from modern dance to concerts, theatre, or other art exhibitions. It was implemented a few years ago by a famous French choreographer Karine Saporta in collaboration with the city of Paris.

For those who live in Paris but don’t know this place, it looks a bit like the Cabaret Sauvage, just a smaller version. Well, it seems quite small on the outside but when you’re inside, it can welcome something like 400 people and has quite a wide dance floor! When the DJ or the live band is good, it can quickly be on fire! But you can also have a drink and eat a nice little meal on the side tables all around the dance floor.

The Dansoir is all wooden made, and red velvet comes to complete the interior decoration. As I mentioned earlier, it is an ephemeral venue, so the walls and the roof are made of cloth, which might be a bit frightening when there is wind (and there is always wind on the huge Library square), so it moves a bit!

By its position on this wide square and its architecture, it has quickly become quite a fashionable place to be, and people love to come here, from 7 to 77 years old! A very nice venue to spend a Saturday night, and to take photos of course. :)

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    Some nice shots!

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