Starting 2011 with Lomography


I first held the Diana F+ in my hands the day before new years’ eve, and that moment rekindled my obsession with lomography. But this time, I was determined to keep lomography a part of my daily life, not just a phase that I will grow tired of. What a great new year’s resolution!

Call it peer influence or just plain camera-lust, but after shopping around for a film camera as a photographer-friend’s Christmas present and after another friend was given a Diana Mini, I went ahead and placed an order for the Diana F+ at the end of 2010 despite already owning several film cameras like the Holga 120N and Blackbird, fly. I was so anxious for its arrival as I wanted to bring it with me to an NYE party to photograph my friends who were performing. NYE would have made an awesome start with the camera, plus I didn’t want to compete with other photographers who had expensive DSLRs. The only digital camera I own is a pretty old pro-sumer camera.

The only thing is, I had used the Diana+ 35mm Back so I could get 36 exposures from one roll of 35mm film instead of just 16 from a 120mm roll. I didn’t want to fumble in the dark in order to put in a fresh roll of film, especially if the place was going to be crowded and full of drunk people. Being inexperienced with the camera AND the 35mm back, I ended up cutting people’s heads off with pretty badly framed shots. Cue laughter from my friends when they saw the photos.

Still, my obsession with the Diana didn’t go away. I was intrigued by the idea of specializing in analog photography in a time of hi-definition digital offerings after reading the interview with Mark Sink on the Diana microsite, and learning more about such a brilliant and underrated photographer as Vivian Maier. I ended up ordering the whole set of Diana lenses, and pressed on with 35mm film.

Finally, after my third disappointing roll of 35mm, I decided it was time to switch over to 120mm to get my basics right. Last night, I took out my half-shot roll of black & white film from the Diana (in the dark and under two blankets) and transferred it to my BBF before swapping the Diana’s backs around.

Now I’m all set for more adventures! Stay tuned!

P.S. if any of you were curious about the band I keep photographing, check them out at!

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  1. hahajaney
    hahajaney ·

    I had the same problem with cropping people's heads off using the 35mm back. Still haven't got the hang of it and have given up using the 35mm back for a bit. Good luck with getting it right!

  2. onegreenfan
    onegreenfan ·

    its ok , my friend said that given the camera to shoot fam. vacation shots as a kid he would crop the heads on purpose....imagine the surprise..

  3. kadense
    kadense ·

    thanks guys! (: i'm having slightly better results with 120 film. need to remember to give more allowance when shooting with the 16-shot mask.

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