The Beautiful Bay Area


The cold salt-water breeze tickling your skin, a huge heart-shaped crab, unlimited shopping areas, an old prison, and that long beautiful bridge. What can possible beat a day in the Bay Area?

Upon traveling to San Francisco for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. Of course I’ve been to Disneyland and LA before, but the Bay Area of California is much different. There’s something about the cold and crisp air, or maybe that delicious clam chowder, that captures your heart.

Weeks before my trip to San Fran I was excited and thrilled to see all those popular travel destinations that people always talk about. A couple of those talked about destinations include Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Union Square.

Stepping out of the taxi at Fisherman’s Wharf I was hit with a wonderfully chilly and slightly salty/fishy breeze. Of course the first thing that caught my eye was the big heart-shaped crab near the middle of the pier.

There were so many sites to see at Fisherman’s Wharf, me and my mom basically spent the whole day exploring! We browsed the different stores, and had lunch at Boudin, which has the most AMAZING clam chowder (in a bread bowl too!) that I’ve ever tasted! I could not get enough of the hot and creamy soup. There were also cute little crab hats for sale :)

Traveling further down, we encountered a simple yet very cute statue of two seals almost kissing. It seemed like the whole pier was decorated with sea animals.

Well, there wasn’t just animals of the sea decorating the pier, there were also a high-class dressed pair of dogs showing off their glamour in the middle of Fisherman’s Wharf.

But please BE AWARE of the homeless owner of these dogs. He’ll demand you to pay him a buck or so for “stealing” a picture of his pets >:(

Another thing to be aware of (for your own sake, and for laughing purposes) is the “bush man”. My friends have told me of a homeless man who loves to hide in a bush and pop out and scare passersby. Due to recent possible complaints and laws, he has moved his scaring business to a trash can instead. He’s very sneaky and almost impossible to see, so keep your eyes out for a head and a lock of hair peeping out of a trash can!

Of course there were many other wonderful things at Fisherman’s Wharf that you gotta see for yourself!

While exploring more of San Francisco, me and my mom busted out our cards and cash to spend a little moolah in the shopping districts. Staying at a hotel that’s located right in Union Square made it easy for us to walk around to all the shops we wanted to go to. Walking many blocks in Union Square each day allowed me to observe the buildings in the area. There were a lot of old-fashion and ’60s-style diners and hotels that caught my eye.

Another popular shopping district is Haight Street. I loved the ‘60s feel of that whole street, and the fact that it is lined with thrift stores! Although going to the Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco isn’t a very popular activity, it’s definitely worth your time (girls mainly, and maybe fashionable guys too!). I would definitely recommend catching a taxi there if you’re coming from Union Square; it’s a farther walk than it looks, and the street it’s on isn’t exactly the safest looking.

I’m also proud to call San Francisco the home of my Fisheye 2! :D Purchased at Urban Outfitters, where I also bought some Lomo 100 ISO film.

Some veeery good restaurants that we got a chance to dine at were the Stinking Rose, Crustacean, and House of Prime Rib. The best menu item my mother and I encountered was the garlic roasted crab at Crustacean. Oh soo yummy!

A couple of things we missed out on was riding the cable cars, traveling to Chinatown, and going to Yellowstone National Park. Hopefully if I travel back to this beautiful city I’ll be able to include these things in my adventure.

An almost definite plus to San Francisco is the beauty of the city in the day, as well as at night. It gives you plenty of time to explore and capture the images that make this city so unique!

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Good shots and well written, sounds like you had a great time!

  2. santorinihippie
    santorinihippie ·

    love the bay area!

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