MAC: Museum of Contemporary Art - Niterói, Brazil

Just one ferry boat away from Rio, you will find a very inviting town called Niterói. Oddly enough, the symbol of this city is actually a UFO-shaped museum.

The museum was designed by one of the most important Brazilian architects, Oscar Niemeyer. Since the ‘90s, this museum has caused a lot of debates about its shape, location, and exhibitions.
If you are in Rio for a few days you should really try to visit Niterói, it’s easy! Take the Praça XV (15) Ferry to Niterói and from there, take a bus (47- the stop is right in front of the museum; 49, 32, 33, 17, a quick and nice walk on the beach and you’re there!)

The museum is set in a nice plateau overlooking the Guanabara Bay. You’ll also get one of the best views of the Sugar Loaf and the Christ the Redeemer. Some cariocas even say that “the only good thing in Niterói is the view from Rio”. Of course that’s not true, but if this phrase will pique your interest to come here, then no problem. You’ll see there’s a LOT more to be seen in Niterói.

Exhibition-wise it can be disappointing, but the view will never let you down! Check out some of the pics!

Pics: maymosciaro e ninolbn

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