London - A Walk at the Portobello Road Market


Portobello Road is one of the places that every visitor in London has to experience. Every Saturday, this road is closed for automobiles but is filled with people strolling along the many little quirky shops and street counters with a vast variety of goods! Last summer, my mother came to visit me in London with a friend and I felt that we had to go.

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Our walk begun when we arrived at Notting Hill tube station, where we spent a lot of time browsing through the second-hand shops that hold many hidden treasures: vintage clothes, old CDs and vinyls, books, and comics. Before heading to the market, we had a nice coffee at one of the many cafeterias in the area.

Credits: bigbadwolf

Then we followed Portobello Road until we reached the market. The street was flooded with people and I raised the camera above my head to have a good view of this human river, but a guy behind me realised that and started making silly faces!

Credits: bigbadwolf

The market is really wonderful, it has almost everything on the counters, from antiques and second-hand objects, which is the market’s specialty; to vegetables and canteens selling international food. Instead, I was salivating over the counters with old cameras – Portobello could be a real heaven for Lomographers! However, most prices are kept rather high, you will probably have to drive a good bargain! My mother still remembers the colourful cups and teapots, whereas her friend bought some jewelry.

Credits: bigbadwolf

Of course, Portobello is also a popular place for street performers. I was surprised to see this “Headless Couple”, I had never seen anything like this before! But the guitar duo that was playing a little further down the road was even better – lots of people were standing around them to listen to them play.

Credits: bigbadwolf

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Portobello Road if you happen to be in London on a Saturday. You will get so many images and experiences that by the end of this stroll, you will just feel happy and fulfilled!

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  1. basho
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    Nice one!

  2. jaalvarez
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    @basho is wrong !!!
    There are a lot of "nice" cameras in one photo !!!!

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