Sunny Flower Fields

A field of 6-feet yellow sunflowers with buzzing bees in Birchington, Kent. This place is a hidden gem over the summer months, tucked away behind the high street and opposite the entrance to Quex Park. I was driving to my Grandad’s, down Manston Road one day and there they were! I haven’t been here for a while so it was as if the usual cabbages had magically transformed into huge sunflowers.

And are they huge. I’m about 5 4” and found myself tip-toeing to reach the shots I wanted, holding my Fisheye 1 above my head to get whole field in the shot! The centres of some sunflowers are literally the size of half a basketball! They look like the stems will snap if a breeze gets too strong.

The field is on the main road but parking is nearby and the field is accessible by foot. It is even possible to access the back of the field which is just as interesting, but fewer pathways have been trodden so harder to get around the furry stems.

Be aware of the countless striped bees and watch out for the monster-sized stinging nettles too!
Nearby Quex Park is well worth a visit, as is the high street which is full of charity shops and the older generation!

written by beckyinlondon on 2011-02-06 #places #fields #sunflowers #location #venue #fisheye-1 #kent #birchington #thanet #map-it-and-tag-it-rumble


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