Riding Tenerife Roads

Because of nice Canary Islands weather, we can enjoy riding motorbikes during the whole year. I’ve had my Honda Shadow for a few months but I already have many good times on it.

The main roads of Tenerife are two: Southern and Northern highways, the rest of them are secondary roads with not much traffic on them, especially during weekends. This is really great when you are an inexperienced biker as I am.

You can drive around the whole island in a day, but I prefer to stop several times to enjoy the beautiful and different landscapes and take lots of photos. There are a lot of scenic viewpoints next to the roads.

Of course, the best moment of the day is when we stopped to have lunch and enjoy some of our typical dishes near the sea.

written by deprofundis on 2011-02-05 #places #mountain #island #road #weekend #location #motorbikes #personal-story #viewpoints

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