The Perfect Format to Document Your Life


There are times when I want to ask people who take really really good photos, “Is it absolutely necessary that your photos look perfect?” Because, me, I just want to document the things that happen in my life.

The next question would be, “Is it cool to document your life with film?” Once I asked a college professor who was adept at audio devices, “What is the best format to record audio with?”

I was taken aback. An expert in electronic devices said it isn’t CD, MP3 nor SACD, but LP. Yep, something we call long play, and that which is analogue.

I believe our world is built upon analogue signals. Sound, temperature, light – you name it.

And that’s why I choose to document the primitive signals of life with a primitive format.

written by kiwikoh on 2011-06-26 #lifestyle #analog #film #digital #life #format #record
translated by kiwikoh

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  1. nural
    nural ·

    I totally agree with your opening... I can't take amazing photos, I'll never be in the popular, I just wanna capture whats happening around me... On film :)

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