Get Some Color From Your Black and Whites!


Here’s a tipster that virtually anybody can do! All you need is some black and white negatives and some way to scan them, whether you do it yourself or you send your film out to a lab.

After the beautifully simple process of developing your black and white film, many of us simply bask in the glory of our grey beauties. Although we may look at our black and white negatives and perceive that the film is colorless, do not be fooled, you can get color from them after all! You can still get color out of your seemingly black and white film.

The steps are as simple as can be. If you are scanning at home on a flatbed or film scanner, simply scan the film as a color file instead of black and white. If you are letting your lab take care of the scanning, kindly ask them, or write a note if you really try to avoid them THAT much, to scan the film as color negative film and they will. The photos you get back will end up with some whacky combination of red, blue, and brown in the photo, giving it an almost duotone effect. Here are some examples of my experiences with color negative scanning of black and white negatives.

The kind of colors you get depends on the film and camera you’re using. I’ve found that when I’m using my very old 120 rangefinder, I can see a subtle difference in the color but not much. The film seems to change things a bit as well. If your negatives are a standard black and white that doesn’t seem to have any tint, you will still get some color. However, when you get film that has an overall a red or a blue tint, the colors will be faintly more colorful. Here are two examples of black and white negatives that I’ve done this with.

Don’t be fooled! You’ll get almost the same color photos out of both of these!

Get to know your favorite films out of their element and try scanning them in color!

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