The Park Less Traveled

Bryant Park in New York City is Central Park’s younger sibling. A patch of green amidst towering buildings, except on a smaller scale. During the winter months, it becomes shrouded in snow, and an outdoor ice skating rink draws people from far and wide. During the summer, a large swath of grass and mounds of metal chairs attract visitors wanting to relax from New York’s busy environment.

Bryant Park is one of my favorite places in Manhattan. A mere avenue away from the frequently visited Times Square, it is basically a large patch of grass amidst towering buildings. Surrounding it are small stores and restaurants, perfect for an afternoon outing. Bryant Park is nestled right next to the New York Public Library, a landmark often prominently featured in films and well known for its two large stone lions guarding the knowledge within.

The park is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue on 42nd Street. After a long shopping trip on Fifth Ave, or maybe a foray to the International Center of Photography a few blocks away, it is the perfect place to wind down. In the winter, there is a free skating rink (not including the price of rental skates), and if you get there before Christmas, the park is overrun by small boutiques filled with gifts, handmade goodies, and great food. In the warmer months, the park hosts events like movie screenings and music performances.

Despite its proximity to Times Square, Bryant Park is often relatively tourist free, so I recommend any and everyone to visit and enjoy!

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