A Long Weekend in El Hierro, the Most Southern Place in Spanish Territory

El Hierro is the smallest one in the Canary islands. You can enjoy the whole island during three or four days. I went there last May with my friends and had a very good time.

El Hierro is also knows as “The Meridian Island”. Orchilla Lighthouse is the most westerly point in Europe and it was the point of the Longitude Zero Meridian until it was moved to Greenwich.

Next to the lighthouse there is a little jetty where you can take a pleasant swim. El Hierro is also known by professional divers because of its amazing seabed. But you also can enjoy it with a simple snorkel mask. The water is so clear that you can take great photographs with a waterproof disposable camera.

We were lucky because every May 3, day of the Holy Cross, there is a beautiful festival in El Pinar and we could see traditional dancers in the street. After party time, we went for a walk and discovered some beautiful places. There is a lot of endemic flora in the Canary Islands. My favorite ones are Tajinastes, that reach up to 3m in height and Sabinas, which have been completely twisted by the force of wind.

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