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Orgosolo on the island of Saridina (Italy) is a very revendicative village where more than 400 paintings cover the walls of the whole village, always with much social concern.

Sardinia Island is the most beautiful location for the holidays if you like to spend your afternoons at the beach. You can go all around the island and you will be amazed by ALL the fantastic beach spots you can find there. At least as good as the Caribbean beaches! No kidding!

But when it comes to visiting the inside land it is not as rich as Corsica. Quite few old villages, and as the island is much bigger than Corsica, you don’t have the same mountain/ocean contrast. However there is this wonderful little village called Orgosolo in the province of Nuoro, and it really deserves a detour!

It is a village with a great spirit of protest, where more than 400 paintings cover the walls of the whole village, always with much social concern, irony, peace messages, etc. Artistically and socially BEAUTIFUL!

You will get the most amazing pleasure in losing yourself in the small streets, discovering new paintings at every corner, even the most discrete ones.
The very first painting was done in 1968 by an anarchist collective from Milano. But paintings since then are designed mainly by the locals as you can see on my pics, here for the barbershop, but also by artists from Italy, Germany or France.

And what is the most impressive in addition to the different styles and artistic creations are the claims. In this little isolated village one stands up against the Pinochet dictatorship, 9-11 terrorist attacks, women rights, hunger in Africa, etc. A worldwide concern, very surprising!

You can’t leave Orgosolo with the same mind as when you entered it.
Art is a strong weapon when used for a good purpose!

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    fantastic photo reportage! and I'm sure that the 99% of the italians know about Orgosolo only for the kidnapping phenomenon of the past years committed by local pastors/bandits

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