Saint Vincent de Paul Church

Yes the Saint Vincent de Paul Church in Paris is on the same square as the Lomography shop, place Franz Liszt.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Church was built from 1824 to 1844. Despite not being that old or big, it has a great architecture and decorations are quite impressive.

It is located on the exact same square as the Lomography shop in Paris, place Franz Liszt, and also real close to lab Negatif+, well known of all Parisian photographers. So why not going for a little tour and clicks after a visit at your favourite photo shop(s)?

From outside, the church seems quite common with not much to offer (I mean, for Parisian fellows like us who are used to these many historical monuments).

But when inside, the dark and very calm atmosphere transports you to a totally different world. On week days it is almost always empty, and of course entrance is free, so you can easily go there and shoot a few pics without risking disturbing religious people.
With a little, discrete, tripod you may take wonderful shots giving great value to the golden decorations that cover a good part of the inside of the church.

An easy little visit, and a good photo spot, all this on the way to the Lomo shop? What more can you ask?
The perfect location to finish a roll or try a new one :D

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