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Scrapbooking is a fun and creative phenomenon. It’s a fantastic activity that’s constantly growing in popularity and just so happens to be the perfect way of keeping track of your Lomo adventures! We’re going to give you a quick guide to the world of scrapbooking. It’s super-easy to do and the best way to make sure that you never forget another LOMO moment ever again!

Awesome scrapbook by dux_x

Guide to Scrapbooking:

Although we might think of scrapbooking as a fairly hip and modern activity – the idea actually stretches back a long, long way! Little ‘commonplace’ books existed in England, all the way back in the 15th century. People would fill these little paper books with poems, recipes, ideas, doodles – anything that was unique to their particular loves or interests. I’m sure if they had Lomo back then, they’d probably be jam-packed with cross processed LC-A+ shots of the latest Shakespeare play or their best friend having a joke fight with a knight – but as it was they made do with other things.

Anyways – as time moved on, people were able to get a lot more creative with what they stuck in these little books. The advent of affordable photography in the 1900s meant that people could finally insert their own personal snapshots into these little memory books. This meant a revolution in scrapbooking!

Nowadays scrapbooking is loved throughout the world, with people often inserting things that remind them of a special occasion or memory – photographs, old ticket stubs, a leaf from that special tree?! Anything at all! It’s a really fun, inexpensive way of getting creative and making sure you never forget those special moments. And at the end of it all you’ve got a great personal keepsake that you can either keep for yourself or give to someone special.

It’s also the perfect way to keep track of those Lomographic adventures. Been out on a photo shoot? Then why not paste in your pictures with maps and other memorabilia from your day-out shooting. Scribble down which film you used or what settings you chose for each shot. It’s a great way to record the ins and outs of your Lomo life! Never miss a beat.

Awesome scrapbook by dux_x

What to Put in Your Scrapbook: Some Ideas

  • If you’re using a camera with manual shutter speeds such as the Lubitel 166U you might want to note down which settings you’ve used. It’ll help you to remember what you used and can come in really useful!
  • Put in your photo prints! (This one’s pretty obvious!)
  • Why not place maps of where you’ve been on your Lomorific adventure? That way you won’t forget how you got to that crazy part of town where you made all those great shots!
  • Little ticket stubs or calling cards look great in your scrapbook.
  • Keep a track of your thoughts, it’s always nice to look back and see what you were thinking when you took which shot.
  • Usually forget which film you’ve been using? Why not just stick the little cardboard box in with your pictures! That way, you definitely won’t forget!
Awesome scrapbook by dux_x

Fancy a notebook?

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    thats a lot of talents in here why not a srcapbook rumble? "P

  2. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    Yeah that would be cool! All those advertisements and posters we get whenever we buy a lomo product would be great to use in the scrapbooks....less in the landfill anyway!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    cool! very creative :)

  4. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Oh I love the idea of gluing the film cardboard box! I've only started doing some sketches on a little notebook when I tried going analogue for a day. Thanks for the tips!

  5. nural
    nural ·

    hahah I thought I was the only one scrapbooking around here :))

  6. sonmima
    sonmima ·

    I'm too)

  7. devoncaulfield
    devoncaulfield ·

    Well we would always love to see your scrapbooks so share them with the community if you can! :-)! xx

  8. cheese
    cheese ·

    Great timing! I just bought a scrapbook from paperchase yesterday and I can't wait to fill it up!

  9. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    I love to scrapbook, but sometimes I get too obsessed. Rather than it being a nice leisure activity I'll turn my scrapbooks into missions/projects not sleeping until it is done, etc. :/ Just call me crazy.

  10. apophisv
    apophisv ·

    I don't scrapbook (well I tried to write a diary some time ago and did some scrapbooking in it, but I was too lazy to go on with it and eventually forgot about that project), but I do something similar whenever I am traveling (well that is a lie, I plan to, but sometimes I don't find the time to do that. Procrastination, oh well ^^). I take a map of the city I visited or of the route I travelled along and glue almost every piece of paper I got my hands on during the trip (bills, posters, entry cards and whatnot, sometimes even money =)) and photos. Usually I exaggerate it with foldable layers of paper, things you can pull out of other paper pieces and so on... Since I am pretty new to Lomography (or let's say I wasn't on a real trip since I started) I haven't used any Lomo pics so far, but after reading this nice article I guess I have to do that ASAP ;)

  11. aprilia
    aprilia ·

    Great article, lovely scrapbook also! Makes me wanna try making scrapbook :)

  12. libbybee
    libbybee ·

    Scrapbooks are great for jotting down ideas. Good if you're prone to forgetting things, it will be there as a little reminder when you flick through your book.

  13. thomas12
    thomas12 ·

    i like this one, especially since lomo is analogue photography and scrapbooks (diaries, travel notices, bits, tickets & collected pieces, ... ) are analogue as well

    i never seem to get warm enough with all these communities, walls, ... in the fictional online world,
    it's just not real enough


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