London - A Day in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park

One of my favourite places in London is the beautiful Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. I spent a lot of time there during my year-long stay in the city as it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself with your friends. The relaxing ambiance makes it ideal for stressed out individuals who need a break from their daily grind.

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Last year, I attended a MSc course in London and during that time I fell in love with Hyde Park and Kensington Gerdens. It was always a popular destination among my friends when we had some spare time. We would go to “Lido” Cafe, a nice cafeteria on the shore of the Serpentine, the park’s river, and just watch the millions of birds playing around the water. Or, in spring, we would go for a stroll among the blooming flower paths, teasing the squirrels that were always begging for food.

Credits: bigbadwolf

However, during the summer, the park was at its best: you could see people everywhere, lying on the grass, having picnics, playing with balls, riding their bikes around, and having a wonderful time! Everything is vivid, sunny and colourful. You could have a tasty ice cream from one of the many canteens of the park or just sit down for a moment and chill! I personally recommend ending your tour at one of the many good Chinese restaurants in Bayswater, just at the north exit of the park (you have to order the BBQ duck)!

Credits: bigbadwolf

I guess I should also mention that you can visit many interesting spots in the park such as the Albert Memorial, the Fountain of Princess Diana – which I love – and the Serpentine Gallery that always has something fresh going on about modern art. So, don’t forget, as soon as the sun comes out from its hiding place, run to the park!

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