The European City in the States


Everybody should remember their first time…I do. I was on a road trip with my whole family, discovering California. I´m not able to remember every detail from that amazing trip, but what I do remember is the feeling that I had when I first saw San Francisco. Those hills, Victorian houses, cable cars, the majestic Golden Gate. From that very first moment, that city became the city of my dreams. Who knew that 15 years later I would be just an hour away from my dream city?

There are plenty of things to do in San Francisco and the cable car is one of its most popular attractions. Although I must confess that I’ve never taken the cable car (yet), I enjoy going to the turntable at Powell & Market and just watching the hundreds of tourists that are waiting in line everyday.

The Golden Gate is one of my favorite locations in the city. I still want to bike over to Sausalito – an incredibly beautiful town just over the Golden Gate, and return on the ferry. The views from the other side of the bridge are amazing! And there are plenty of nice little restaurants!

Back in the city, I would also recommend Castro. If you’ve seen Milk (the film) much of the scenes were filmed there. A colorful neighborhood as you can see in the pictures. One of the more notable features of the neighborhood is the Castro Theater.

Very close, there´s Haight-Ashbury, and although I haven´t taken my cameras there yet, I´m planning on doing so very soon. This should be a MUST VISIT on your SF to-do guide.

Soon I’ll be submitting a Christmas version of San Francisco!

written by crojasvives on 2011-02-02 #places #location #personal-story #sf-personal-road-trip-discovering-the-states-the-city-day-trip

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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    ...if you are going... to San Francisco... be sure to wear... some flowers in your hair...
    I ALSO LOVE THAT CITY. Thanks for take me there again.

  2. carolinep008
    carolinep008 ·

    san fran is awesome great shots!

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