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Transmilenio is our capital pride! All of us (Colombinas) love this ‘bus’, it is a rapid transit (BRT) system, designed and implemented according to the following principles: quality and consistency, affordability, respect for life, respect for users’ time, and respect for human diversity.

The TransMilenio System is what I consider as a proper infrastructure for mass transportation; it has an efficient operating system, a modern collection method, and a permanent planning, management, and control entity.

Anyway if you don’t want to be always on the bus, you can always use the cicloRutas.

In order to introduce a structural change in slowness, inefficiency, contamination, and danger in transportation conditions, the local administration implemented an integral mobility strategy; it envisaged actions leading to promote non-motorized mobilization by improving and creating public spaces, new pedestrian zones, and 300 kilometers of cycle paths called (“ciclo-rutas”).

In addition, plate number-based restrictions for the use of private vehicles during peak hours were established, together with measures like higher car-parking rates, and compulsory car-free dates on certain holidays (“dia sin carro”) among others; and finally, the development of a unique and integrated mass-transportation system: the TransMilenio

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