Belvidere over the James: An Average Bridge, A Great Walk


Every so often I like to embark upon one of my favorite Lomowalks: the South Belvidere Bridge over the James River in Richmond, VA. As opposed to other times of the year, the winter season actually makes it all the better to take more interesting photographs.

You always know when Christmas is coming in Richmond. One night you’ll look towards downtown and notice Christmas lights are going up on the skyscrapers. This year there seemed to be more than ever. I knew it was time to head back out onto the bridge. I loaded up my Natura Classica with Ilford Deltapro 3200 and scrounged through the fridge for a roll of expired Fuji 800 for my Nikon. I began my night walk.

Richmond nights are pretty dead once the temperature drops. It was unusually quiet that night, not even too many cars were on the streets. I took this to be my lucky night and got to shooting.

I somehow managed to get to the bridge without shooting through both rolls. It was quite a beautiful night and it could only get better.

My first step onto the bridge was, as always, exhilarating. The cold wind over the river propelled me forward. Or maybe it was just my legs not wanting to freeze. I walked and shot for awhile, until the wind died down to a light breeze. I stood there at the guardrail overlooking the city and took a break to think.

I had an epiphany. Every day, thousands of people drive over this bridge. It’s just an ordinary concrete bridge that gets you from one side of the river to the other. But it may be the most beautiful place in Richmond and I’ve never see anyone out here even though there are pedestrian walkways on either side.

As I left the bridge, feeling perfectly content, I noticed the first bit of snow of the season falling beneath the streetlights. A fitting end to a wonderful Lomowalk.

My advice to you: Take a walk. And when that walk becomes boring, schedule it at night. (and don’t forget your camera)

written by duckduckninja on 2011-02-02 #places #location #personal-story #walk-bridge-night-skyline-island

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  1. danmouer
    danmouer ·

    Nice article and good pix. Would love to see more. The bridge is not called "south Belvidere.". It's the Robert E. Lee Bridge. Keep shooting and writing about RVA.

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