Mysore Fruit and Vegetable Market

Mysore is a large city in Karnataka state in India. It has lots of things worth visiting: the Mysore Palace, the Dasara Festival and the beautiful silk garments. However, if you ever happen to go to Mysore, be sure to also visit their colorful fruit and vegetable market!

I took a day off from my rickshaw trip through India and spent it strolling around the city. In doing so, I came across this colorful fruit and vegetable market and found the India that I learned to love. The market was a busy, noisy, smelly place filled with wonderful colors.

Simply put, this location has all the things that a Lomo lover could ever hope for! So I grabbed my camera, gave my cola to a very happy little girl and started shooting. If only I had brought more film!

written by achocolatemoose on 2011-02-02 #places #travel #market #vegetables #fruit #india #location #personal-story

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