Robins AFB Museum of Aviation: Restart Your Engines!

Has the city got you bummed? Escape the day-to-day grind of urban living for a day and check out the uplifting wonders of Middle Georgia’s Robins Air Force Base Museum of Aviation. It’s a different place to visit when you suddenly want to go on a day trip.

Two hours outside of Atlanta, GA is one of the East Coast’s best aviation museums. Located in Warner Robins, the Robins AFB Museum of Aviation is the destination for miles around. I’ve been visiting my family in the area for about two years now and every time, a visit here is a must do.

The museum consists of four buildings: the Eagle Building, Hangar One, Century of Flight, and (the aptly named) WWII Hangar. Unfortunately, the Museum of Aviation also doubles as the area’s convention center. Hangar One, Century of Flight, and the WWII Hangar have a tendency to be closed for a retirement ceremony or a children’s robotics convention. Or if you’re me on my last visit: two retirements and a convention. But don’t fret, I’ll tell you why later. Be sure to call ahead or check the museum’s website for event times.

The Eagle Building is always open. Well…while the park is open. From the 3rd floor you can see the best part of the museum: outside.

The museum is surrounded by a large lot covered by airplanes – big airplanes. This is the reason I came here. Ten hours away from my city, Richmond, VA to walk outside amongst metal giants in the fresh air. I would imagine anyone from Atlanta would have the same experience and that’s why I would encourage you to take that short trip. It’s quite liberating and awe-inspiring especially when you see it on the faces of the small children around you.

So come on out to the Robins AFB Museum of Aviation and remember what it’s like to fly! (and bring your Sprocket Rocket!)

Check out the events calendar, etc. here:

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