Lomography Invades Athens News


Lomography has invaded Greece, the birthplace of civilization and democracy! Athens News, Greece’s oldest English-language newspaper, recently made a feature on our analogue lifestyle. Let’s see what they have to say!

Photo by: satomi

It seems that our good friends over at Greece have been bitten by the Lomo bug, as dozens and dozens are imbibing the lifestyle and shooting analogue! Athens News one of Greece’s major dailies, gives a brief but in-depth look into the history and the intricacies of Lomography in a recent feature. They also offer a brief glimpse into the local analogue scene, sharing the interviews they’ve conducted and tales they’ve retold.

Read the full article in the Athens News

written by cruzron on 2011-01-24 #news #athens #news #media #lomgoraphy


  1. schommsen
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    if you are visiting athens, make sure you go to this shop near Omonoia Square:
    there you find lots of lomo cameras, films and the owner processes your films if you like to :-)

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    Thx for publishing my tip :D

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    cool ;P

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